Lotus notes calendar entry not updating

The parent note is identified by its Appt UNID item (which is its note universal ID), and the child note is identified by the same Appt UNID as the parent and the original Repeat Instance Dates.The Appt UNID and Repeat Instance Dates items form a key pair of values that uniquely identify a particular repeat instance.

The default entry type may be chosen in the mail preferences (covered in a previous article) as displayed in Figure E.More details are covered in the Repeat Model section of this paper.So what you basically have to do is find the child Document of the event ($CSFlags conatins "i" and $Ref the parents UNID) and create a new (second) child document for the changed date/time, removing this particular date/time entry from the existing child document, IIRC.Does somebody know if it is possible to change one of documents in a series of recurring meetings?I changed one of them with c# api and it changed all documents in the series (e.g.

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