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Her fertility starts high and starts to decline around the age of 24. Others are paid with candlelight dinner and champagne. My guess is that as women accrue more money on their own they won't fall for these old farts. Money and time are not a problem for us at this point, fortunately. The only places worth visiting are the more remote places. Places like Paris are hardly anything like they use to be. Same with Londen, Amsterdam, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Barcelona etc. After 24 her market value and her beauty will decline. This is why many Western women are asking the question "where have all the good men gone? This go's for all male/female relationships of any kind. As someone who has suffered through my husband's erectile dysfunction for two decades now (starting at 50, which is NOT UNCOMMON for men), I'd never in a million years recommend marrying an old dude (unless you hate sex). I just get on a plane and i'll be there within a day. We don't at all need to look for a "cheap part of the world" to make our money go "farther". Small villages up in Switzerland or Romania are still nice. When both had done their duties they were free to live single or choose a same-age mate. Now in my senior years I am very happy to have as a partner a man of my own age and background, one with whom I can share cultural references and the medical miseries of ageing bodies; in other words, a peer. When it comes to suitable partners just look around you. -----"She would now marry a very young man and nurture and support him the way she herself was educated and cared for until he was secure enough in himself and the world to take on that role for a young girl. So she can bypass that one and go straight to the peer marriage. Men's market value is linked to his earning potential. They simply don't have the resources to attract and keep the younger more desirable ones. " They didn't settle down when they were at their market peek. A lot of individuals put a priority on a number of other things, even on the shallow requirements you list. And men don't take care of themselves - women end up being nurses when they feel like they're still in their best years. For an older women (particularly one who has her own assets) to marry. We can easily afford even the most expensive places in Europe. It starts low and increases when his career takes off. And at 30-35 they are not capable anymore to attract that high earning Alpha male. For example, many women put a premium on tall men, and would actually quote often shun a shorter man in spite of his having a much higher earning potential. I would think that marriage would be for younger women who may want children. And part of that is that both work and have had so much income that we have invested a lot, which has done very well in the stock market. So in a sense, the truth is even more shallow and varied than what you suggest. Many high status men don't really want to actually MARRY a young woman on just looks with only average or low educational level and intelligence. And as a matter of real fact, many men can afford escorts, and don't need a lot of status for that -- just a modest amount of money and they can have sex with more beautiful women that way than many high status men would bother with. And i date Women 15 years younger than me because they look much more beautiful than women my own age. Others are paid with candlelight dinner and champagne. Additionally, marriage can raise one's financial risk profile - it is best to get that taken care legally to protect them (especially in serial marriages where there are children from other unions). You've kind of shortchanged yourself by insisting on being the only person to earn an income, and you're insisting that women need you to pay them.

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It is the marrying part of that quote that I would not think it necessary for an older woman and not the erotic part (which could be enjoyed). I'm giving many of these women a taste of a lifestyle they will otherwise only see on television. Not really sure what your problem is -- it sounds like you just don't like seeing a particular skin color around. People choose to marry or enter into committed relationships for a vast variety of reasons. I find it odd that we are having a discussion in 2018 that involves judging the mating choices of others. Their sexual market value is determined by other criteria. I know a lot of women who wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole based on what you've written here. I, myself, was not successful in my career until my early forties due to raising children and helping my then husband through his schooling. I just get on a plane and i'll be there within a day. Show's that what's locking you down is your own limited attitude. Ben, I think I can say with almost certainty is that perhaps it's not just your preference for women who don't work, but with your attitude, you probably couldn't attract a highly accomplished high-earning woman even if you stood on your head. And I'd say you're "covering up" for that huge inadequacy by pretending to prefer servile women and that with that approach, "you have it all". And THEN you complain that women only cost you money -- which would seem to be a necessary consequence of your first "requirement" that they stay home. Women's sexual market value is bound to their fertility. (I know a lot of women who wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole based on what you've written here.) LOL I probably have even less interest in them. You honestly think that a woman at thirty and beyond is incapable of being with an alpha male? A beautiful young woman is a gift from nature but a beautiful older woman is a work of art. In fact, I have essentially the option to choose either approach on a moment's notice. Most of Europe is turning into the middle East now. It's turning into a shit hole continent because of all the migrants. Those expensive places you talk about are all being overwhelmed with migrants. I loved going to professional conferences with him since psychology was my major. His colleagues were polite to me but I could feel their raised eyebrows whenever they saw us. Do you believe there is an age limit that’s acceptable between a man and a woman and is not acceptable if it’s higher or lower than that number? Does the culture from which you come sanction certain age gaps within a couple that’s different from current American standards? And if i don't have someone to satisfy me, i call an escort. And for someone who doesn't believe in romantic love.

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