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The main character is also a bit of a prankster as this sets things up nicely in certain scenes.Overall a Gimp value: The payoff scene, though mostly from the back, is nicely doneplus there are three of them hanging all at once.That hasn't stopped it from being an issue that some grab onto for their own reasons and this is why it's practically disappeared from the mainstream media. Haven't heard anyone mention here mention the TV series "Machines of Malice" which is playing on the Discovery Channel up here.For most producers, it just isn't worth the risk of having your movie condemned publicly. I've seen four or five episodes over the last two seasons.Alexander from the movie when he is tormenting his roommate. I run in cyclesand right now I'd rather be entertained, so I've been picking up a bunch of DVD's that I can enjoy on an entertainment if I run into Gimpwell that's a plus.

Certainly, it has been discussed here before and many people would agree with you that it is a classic.They even have the cute Michelle Boyd as one of the scientists.Ralphus: In one episode they illustrate how to 'properly' burn a witch at a stake...It reproduces and analyzes the effectiveness of each method of torture and execution.It's quite well done and shows that some of the historical methods perhaps weren't as effective for torture as recorded.

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    He then developed the line-by-line reading – with interruptions, jokes, and a lot of laughter – that would become the podcast, sat around the kitchen table with his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine.