Mandating overtime and patient safety

Passive Fire Protection is a group of systems that compartmentalize a building through the use of fire-resistance rated walls and floors, keeping the fire from spreading quickly and providing time to escape for people in the building.

Dampers are used in a facilities ducts to prevent the spread of fire/smoke throughout the building’s ductwork system.

For building with multiple floors, photoluminescent egress path markers help light the way to safety in dark and smoky stairwells.

Active and passive fire protection systems, although different, are important to a building’s overall fire safety.

Fire doors help compartmentalize a building, while giving its occupants means of escape.

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Whether you work in Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Long Term Care or the Commercial arena, spring cleaning can help your work environment feel refreshed and ready for another year.

But, there still may be some confusion about the differences between active and passive fire protection.

Active Fire Protection is a group of systems that require some amount of in order to work efficiently in the event of a fire.

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If you are looking for a good place to find fire safety news, then check out these magazines and journals and do a little reading this week: These of course are just a few of our resources where we get our fire safety news.

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