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We all fucked about and played sport until around 7pm when we all decided to go home. He moved me further up the bed so I was further upright on the pillows and went down on me.

Luke and I walked the same way; his house was around a 25 minute walk from the park and mine was about another 5 after that. He used his left hand to play with my balls and the middle finger to play with the bottom of my crack.

We walked slow and was talking about random stuff and it somehow lead to Luke asking the question, "Are you gay? His right hand was starting to jerk off my dick, and I was getting hard fast.

" I was unsure about my sexuality at the time - I wanted to try it with both before I decided. In no time I was rock hard and Luke was jerking faster and getting into a good rhythm.

Parents are out for the weekend, you can stay over, and we can 'experiment' or whatever," he said. My dick was around 3.5 inches soft but Luke seemed pretty okay with it.

I wouldn't say no to a fuck right now to be honest." "Well then, wanna come mine? I was wearing a pair of light grey boxer briefs, and my dick was still soft. I was kinda self conscious about my body so I slowly pulled them down.

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I leaned my head back just as his lips finally touched my dick.

He was barefoot and had a condom in his hand, which he slipped into his pocket and walked over in front of me and pulled his tank top over his head, and let it drop to the floor.

I sat on the bed and heard footsteps, and Luke appeared in the doorway.

I never really considered him as being hot, but I would never say no to him. I looked at him briefly before I pulled down the front; he was looking down at my hands, slightly biting his lips, and I could tell I was turning him on.

He was pretty tall, with blonde-brown hair and blue eyes. I moved my hands to the front of the waistband, and slowly pulled them down showing more and more of his cock.

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