Mens guide to dating

Sorting: You can sort the books by title, author, genre or importance, so you can quickly find what’s right for you3.

Pages: You can choose on the top left, whether you want to see 10, 25, 50 or all 100 books at once, so it’s up to you whether you want to scroll or not.

Translated in many languages, this German book with an Anglophile touch features some good pictures and is a basic guide for the clothes novice.

I call it a must-have because many men use this as their first book along with Flusser’s.

In my opinion, a must have, because Farid Chenoune really dives in deep to the matter of men’s clothing history and although not a dissertation, it is academically sound.

He provides a wealth of helpful pictures and explains how menswear evolved, especially over the last 200 years from a French perspective.

Therefore, we curated a list of 100 books from my collection that we recommend for various reasons.

Not every book is good for everybody, except our must-haves.

For nice to have or niche books, we try to explain who the book is for.

The attempt of creating a menswear encyclopedia with a slim bibliography, and often incomplete or non existant entries.

Even in combination with Vergani’s fashion dictionary it is nothing to rave about but at the same time there is not much else in English, hence it made it on the list.

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