Mongolians and dating

The Mongolian people come from several dozen tribes which over centuries have become interlinked through marriage and politics.The Khalkh form the largest group - around eighty percent of the Mongolian population today.When you walk the streets of Ulan Bator, you will see the nomads and urbanites rubbing shoulders together.The nomads wearing traditional deels and the urbanites dressed in cashmere sweaters and chic fashions.You will need to be firm with them, or they will follow you down the street forever. Mongolian people share many physical characteristics: high cheekbones, honey-colored skin, the Mongolian blue spot...

Avoid embarrassing mistakes by reading about the nomadic people of Mongolia before you visit!Despite Outer Mongolia's vast size, 38 percent of the population has squashed itself into the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Bator.There you will find the full urban deal - traffic jams, pollution and stressed-out pedestrians.With a population of around 3 million, Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world.In fact, Mongolian people are slightly outnumbered by horses!

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