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Her new approach was rewarded with a surge in the number of students taking math courses. all the Einstein stuff was brand new and exciting, and it was fun to try and bring it into the courses. She was refused, because she was too light for her height, and anyway her job training mathematicians at Vassar was considered too important for her to abandon. In December 1943, Vassar College agreed to give her temporary leave.She joined the Naval Reserve after applying successfully for a waiver on her weight.You’re also signaling that you’re comfortable talking about her dating life, and that you’re confident that this date won’t go poorly.

By asking her to talk about the not-so-fun parts about dating, you're not trying to get her to vent, but to lightheartedly acknowledge that dating can be awkward." While you want to keep your questions positive, this question is a great exception.If she likes her job, you'll find out what she's most passionate about.It’s open-ended enough that she'll probably mention what she does for a living as part of her answer, while opening up the response to non-work activities.Fantasizing about the world is a great bonding exercise, and an excellent way to get to know someone.

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