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I hope that you will watch a movie of my choice with me on the couch, knowing full well that I’ll be asleep in 5 minutes.

(At least you won’t have to worry about me seeing you cry at the end of The Notebook.) I hope that you will love my little girls just as much as if they were your own, and keep them safe always.

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Around here, we love a good homemade pizza, so this date night is absolutely perfect for us…

It’s the times where you give just a little more, because you know the other is struggling.

That’s real honest to goodness, hold your hair while you’re puking cause you’ve been drunk idiot, cook you fish even though it’s disgusting and makes the house smell, clean up your dirty socks for the hundredth fucking time kind of love, and that’s the love I want.

Entering into a relationship after surviving a toxic one is going to be tough.

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I hope that I can be completely and unapologetically myself around you.I hope that you can make me laugh until I snort (or even pee my pants.) I hope that you can see the beauty in a rainbow, a waterfall in the mountains, and want to get lost with me in the forest, even after I’ve peed all over myself because peeing in the forest is hard.(I might pee my pants a lot.) I hope we can take a road trip with no destination while singing all the best songs at the top of our lungs.(Hey, I’m a pretty kick ass cheerleader.) I hope we can ride the carousel at Disney together dressed as Flynn & Rapunzel and pretend we are the only two people in the park.I hope you always kiss me goodnight, even if I’m being a total butthead, or I ate too much broccoli.

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