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face it, who would have liked to have been able to boast that they'd slept with the same girls he had..??

and i'd also ignore all sharron 'the witch' osbourne's snide remarks...

But when we date the rocks using the rubidium and strontium isotopes, we get an age of 1.143 billion years.

Obviously, these eruptions took place very recently, after the Canyon’s layers were deposited ().

Because of such contamination, the less than 50-year-old lava flows at Mt.

Allegedly occurring during the early part of her time as a judge on the Uk version of The X Factor (insert own puns at your leisure), a book out today has him quoted as saying to someone that "It was the hair, the sexy clothes and the tits.

" As well as a later quote over the affair being "Just a few bonks!

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