Nestors cup dating from

But since Threatte (199) pronounces this a “very rare” phenomenon “doubtless due to careless omission,” it is doubtful whether we can legitimately extend the suspicion to the inscription from Cumae, whose beautiful letter forms indicate careful execution.

On the basis of different reconstructions of Attic reversion, Hoffmann (1891–1898:3.344) thought that -ϝ- had been lost earlier between vowels than after rho.

He translates, “Hisa Tinnuna ‘fa (como dono)’,” an extraordinary gift inscription that reflects the ordinary practice of Etrustcan elite gift exchange.

Here I will only comment on those aspects of Cassio’s analysis whose combined weight makes his argument unsupportable. Not only do I consider his linguistic reasoning wanting or unconvincing.

I will only comment on features that are relevant to my inquiry and will largely pass in silence over the ones that are unproblematic.

Johnston does not date these fragments, but they are surely much earlier than the Eretrian law IG Ⅻ.9 1273/4 from ca.

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