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This improved performance, handling, and economy (from a reported 10.4-mpg average to 11.8).

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One was also used to patrol Central Park, but the Smarts are prohibited from attempting any sort of pursuit missions.

Chevy and its by-then ubiquitous and iconic small-block V-8 obviously got a slice of the business for 1966. To cut costs during the OPEC troubles, the NYPD downsized from the full-size Fury to the intermediate Satellite Custom.

These more svelte (but still huge by today’s standards) sedans featured the same Chrysler small-block 318 V-8 that the big Furys used, but weighed about 700 pounds less.

Another highlight of the collection is its collection of vintage uniforms dating back through the decades, many of which are displayed on manikins like this one.

This Chrysler Sebring convertible was done up in the department’s vintage black, green, and white livery for use during special occasions like parades. Guerra Capping off the museum’s display were a couple of modern-day mounts, including this micro Smart For Two and Ford Explorer.

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