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When having these talks, make sure to listen to your child, that way you can know where they are getting information from.Also, make them feel comfortable about asking you whatever questions they have.8.At this point, you will need to identify your sexual values so that your desire to protect your child does not keep you from holding things back. Answering these questions as honestly as you can, will help you frame your conversation with them.3.Don’t be ashamed, call sexual organs their names Remember that the aim of these talks is to help them prepare for life ahead.Officers warned that many families would not what was going on if they spotted acronyms such as WYRN or P911 or LMIRL, MOS, TDTM or IWSN on a kid’s phone. But what they really mean is “What’s Your Real Name”, “Parent Alert”, “Let’s Meet in Real Life”, “Mum Over Shoulder”, “Talk Dirty to Me”, and “I Want Sex Now”.1.

You achieve two things by doing this, first, you break the ice about the subject and overcome whatever makes you both uneasy about it.

If you are struggling to educate your child, teenager or ward about s*x, here are eight things to note.1.

Start at a young age Children are naturally curious and experimental in nature.

Don’t give the impression that you are hiding something When you give them the impression that you are telling them half-truths, they will seek information from other places.

Today, here and right now, I’m going to expose some secrets to you.

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