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The first in a new thriller series, featuring a CIA analyst turned field operative, who is in Iran to photograph a secret, hidden nuclear facility, but who soon finds himself on the run from both the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and his own teammates in U. In the second in this series featuring Poe as the detective, he receives an anonymous package containing three dead crows, leading him to believe that his nemesis is on his trail again, while at the same time he is investigating the murder of a bird collector., a recent widow, sets aside the large job that she has to help the sheriff look for a missing disabled girl, a search that becomes more serious when the body of a murdered man is found on her familys property in the third in this wonderful series set in 1960s North Dakota., Christine. In the first of a new series set in Victorian London, Florence Nightingale must find the killer who left one of her young nurses hanging in the library of the hospital where she is supervising.) May. shows signs of a disturbing mental illness, the Secret Service Agent in charge of him turns to her ex-husband, a physician, who finds a physical cause in a medical thriller., Sergio de la. A sprawling novel where football and crime intersect when the daughter of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is left a New Jersey football franchise and a criminal mastermind in Rikers Island plans one of the most audacious crimes of all time., Bill. The manager of a San Francisco bookstore who escaped the war in the Balkans years before discovers that someone from her past is alive and bent on revenge., Charlton. When the founder of a medical technology start-up finds his work and life a shambles, he calls on a company to take him out of his life and give him a new one, but he soon begins to wonder about his old life and what actually happened, so much so, that he decides to break the one rulereturn to his old life--in a suspenseful thriller., 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia discovers that a nosy do-gooder has made plans to by the house next door to Hazel Marie to establish a home for wayward teenaged girls, but could there be a more nefarious purpose for the property? series finds her taking up the cold case of a man convicted of murdering his wife, a case that may be related to the suicide of an eccentric blogger and the kidnapping of the grandson of a millionaire., D. Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (Peg, 25.95) Apr. When the catcher for the Red Sox goes missing, Boston ADA Abby Endicott discovers that its more than a case of a missing celebrity when another player turns up dead in the latest in this excellent legal series., 15.95) May. In the first of a comic cozy, a nun in a Welsh convent famous for cheese-making yearns to solve a real-life mystery to help her write her own mystery novel, until she stumbles over the body of the sexton, and finds that she must enlist her sisters to find a killer., 7.99) Apr. Highly recommended for fans of Deon Meyer., 18.00) Apr. A famous detective, retired from the Swedish National Criminal Police, suffers a stroke, and while in the hospital investigates an unsolved case of a murdered nine-year-old girl with the help of an amateur detective and a man closely involved in the case., Anna. Originally written in 1938, this is a powerful indictment of Nazism, featuring seven political prisoners who break out of a concentration camp, as well as a suspenseful thriller.. the first of a new series set in Reykjavik where a divorcee smuggles cocaine to support herself and her son, but it becomes more and more difficult leading her to concoct elaborate ruses to escape detection by customs officials. The true story of the investigation into the murders of Osage Indians in Oklahoma in the 1920s, a murder spree that led to the hiring of a former Texas Ranger by the FBI, who in turn set up an undercover team including one of the only Native Americans in the FBI to uncover a massive conspiracy that flourished amidst the prejudice against Native Americans., Tessa. In London in 1888, a flower girl with the gift of clairvoyance is asked by a wealthy woman to investigate when a woman is found murdered and assumed to be another victim of Jack the Ripper., Jamie. A novel set in Montana in 1904, featuring a young woman who leaves her fianc after he father dies and resettles in a small town, reinventing herself as a wealthy widow, but the fianc is determined to find her. In 1956 in Munich, Bernie Gunther is working for an insurance company when a large claim is made by a former SS officer who served in Greece of artifacts probably confiscated from Greek Jews, but when Bernie goes to interview the man in Athens he finds him dead, and the Greek police detective he meets thinks that the murder is similar in MO to one committed during the German occupation of Athens., Crystal. A novel of greed, ambition, and gastronomy set during the reign of Caesar Augustus, where a wealthy man seeks to become the culinary advisor to the emperor and buys a slave known for his cooking ability., Bonnie. Sherlock Holmes and Watson go to the Scottish Highlands to investigate a haunted castle in an area near a whisky distillery in a case that ties in with a case in the south of France in a new pastiche., Susan Elia. Maggie Hope is sent undercover to Nazi-occupied Paris, disguised as a fashionable Irish lady, to search for her German half-sister and a fellow agent whose transmissions are critical for the planned Normandy invasion., Alexander. A stand-alone novel about a British farm girl, an American pilot, and a German soldier brought together during WWII by a very cute border collie., Thomas J. A pacifist history professor in Czechoslovakia in 1939 must decide how best to protect his family when the Nazis invade his homeland, and later finds himself , like his country, caught between the Germans and the Soviet Union in a beautifully-written novel., Sharyn. A novel based on a real nineteenth-century murder case in West Virginia where a man was convicted of murdering his wife based on the testimony of her ghost., Christopher. A spoof of hard-boiled fiction of the 1940s featuring a bartender who is ordered by his boss to find a bevy of broads for an event at the Bohemian Club in redwood country, but he discovers his bosss snake-bitten corpse in the stock room and soon men in black suits arrive.. In the second in the series set in India in the 1920s during the Raj, Captain Wyndham and his sergeant are escorting the crown prince of a small kingdom when he is assassinated in the streets of Calcutta, leading the two detectives to his kingdom to investigate., Joe. The true story of an FBI agent whose job was to interrogate a suspected traitor who had been giving secrets to the Russians at the end of the Cold War., Gerard. In the first of a new series set in Hollywood in 1922 a New York City cop is hired by producer Mack Sennett to prove that Mabel Normand did not kill film director William Desmond Taylor. A teenaged brother and sister are left by their parents who go off to Singapore in 1945, in the care of a man named Moth, who may be a criminal, but who cares for them and educates them until their mother returns about a year later without their father. moves to San Francisco where she invests in a music store, and when the body of a young musician is found, she becomes involved in the investigation of his death in the latest in this late-nineteenth-century Western series., 17.00) Apr. A woman flees to the south of France from NYC following WWI after one of her scandalous drawings causes a tragedy in a mix of history, mystery, and magical arts., Sara. In the third of the series featuring a former Secret Service officer during WWII who investigates when a sports journalist in Brighton is found with his throat slashed in a case tied to the freemasons. A reprint of an early domestic thriller about a young housewife who suffers from nightmares and the inability to remember one day in her past, but when she hires an investigator to help her, she is plunged into a dangerous conspiracy. A Johannesburg detective recently transferred to a backwater near the Kalahari Desert investigates the murder of an artist and her daughter on a local farm, in the midst of racial tension and his difficult relationship with his deputies. The son of the abusive criminal father plots to steal back the millions recovered in the arrest of his fathermoney that is housed in Stockholms police station in the final part of this powerful family saga., Antti. A Finnish mushroom farmer discovers that he has been fatally poisoned with only weeks to live and when he rushes home to tell his wife, he finds her having sex with his truck driver in a blackly funny crime novel.. When a plague strikes the people of Mumbai, a deadly disease that leaves people in a pool of blood, a team of doctors, civil servants, and scientists fight to identify and contain the rogue microbe in a fast-paced medical thriller., Fred. The conclusion to the Three Evangelists trilogy finds Louis and his three eccentric historian friends investigating the murder of two seemingly random women on the streets of Paris after a mentally impaired street musician is accused of the crimes., Delphine de. When a shy woman writer meets a meets a chic confident woman with whom she quickly becomes friends, she finds herself ceding control of both her writing and her life to her new friend in a chilling tale of obsession and interchangeable identities., Emmanuelle de. A woman and her daughter return to Paris to stay with her mother when her husbands infidelities become overwhelming, but her mother shares the family secret history during WWI and WWII that shows that love and life are much more complicated., Emma. A deaf detective investigates the murder of his friend in Melbourne, a cop who police suspect may have been dirty, but he soon discovers that the killer is coming after him, so he returns to his hometown to take refuge with his ex-wife in a brilliant debut by an Australian writer., Martin. Bruno investigates when the body of an archaeologist is found near the ruins of a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and the case becomes more serious when he uncovers that she had ties with Islamic extremistsbut not so serious that he forgoes good wine and good food in the company of an old flame., Emanuel. A young Jewish man falls in love and joins the circus in 1934 where he becomes a famous magician in Germany, then years later a 10-year-old boy hunts him down to his retirement home in L. PW gave this first mystery a starred review., Leonard. Killers of the Flower Moon and the Birth of the FBI (DD, 16.95) Apr. Max Tudor investigates the murder suicide of the lady of the manor and her young lover during a writers retreat, but the disappearance of a young girl and threats against a crime writer up the stakes., Rob. London medical examiner Harry Kent is summoned to look into the stabbing suicide of a pediatrician who had been fired after reporting irregularities in patient care, in particular the deaths of four young patients., G.

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When a journalist is killed in northern Montana near the Canadian border, one of her interviewees is accused of the murder, but FBI investigator Ali Paige becomes involved unofficially because the suspect is her former boyfriend., Andrew. The vinyl detective is hired to find the recordings of a group of RAF airmen made during WWII, but he finds that for some the war isnt over and can still prove lethal., Maia. In the first of a cozy new series, a woman jilted by her professor boyfriend agrees to help her eccentric great-aunt refurbish a local inn, but when a woman with whom they both have had words is found dead, they must turn to sleuthing to save themselves from a murder rap., Jo Ann. A debut crime novel set in Denver that begins in 2008 when homicide detectives arrest a man who has the bodies of his victims going back for years hidden in his house, then in the present a series of murders takes place with the same MO all connected to the original case., Julie. New Orleans pet-boutique-owner Lacy Marie must help her own father avoid a murder rap when he is the last person seen with a murder victim, but her investigations roil up a blackmailer, who threatens to reveal all her secrets unless she keeps her paws off the case., John. PI Charlie Parker is hired by an FBI agent to track down another missing PI who has been investigating a series of homicides that occur after hauntings in a fusion of noir and the supernatural., Karen. When a happily-married woman discovers that her father has escaped from prison after killing two guards, she realizes that the only way to save her carefully-constructed life is to use the survivalist skills he taught her in order to track him down in a debut set in Michigans Upper Peninsula., Christina. A young woman with amnesia, on the run although shes not sure why, takes a job at a remote Pacific Coast resort, and when a former employee is murdered, she fears that the investigation could uncover her own pastwhich might not be a good thing., Paul. Maine game warden Mike Bowditch finds the body of a dead baby buried in a shallow grave in the middle of the forest, and the subsequent investigation leads him to believe that the mother was a young woman who disappeared from a rafting trip four years before. Twins who were separated at birthone remaining with her mother and the other adopted by a wealthy familymeet as young adults and find themselves dealing with a present filled with lies, fraud, revenge, and murder in a , Elly. The discovery of a cannibalized skeleton in an underground Norfolk tunnel catapults archaeologist Ruth Galloway into a case that leads to the murder of a homeless manand a surprising revelation from the wife of her married lover, DCI Nelson., 16.99) May. When a Chicago police detective realizes that the dead man whose death he is investigating is a serial killer who has terrorized the city for five years, he also realizes that the man has taken another woman who may still be alive.. A woman escaping domestic abuse with her children is pulled over by the police in Arizona and put in custody, but when she is released her children are missing and, worse, the police claim that she was alone., R. I loved this for the strong portrait of relationships and the creepy sense that you never really know the one you love., Kristen. The sister of a man on death row hires PI Roxane Weary to reinvestigate the case after she sees the supposed victim, and Roxane discovers that there have been a number of young women who have turned up missing or dead., Maureen. A creepy and darkly funny novel of sibling rivalry, featuring a woman whose envy for her pretty and successful sister knows no bounds, especially when the sister inherits the family manse that should have been hers., Michael. A fun combination of noir and the supernatural featuring a woman who committed suicide after accidentally killing her lover in 1978, and who is condemned to live in Los Angeles tortured by memories until a mysterious woman asks for help finding a missing box., Stuart. A disgraced police detective is assigned to the cold case squad, but the discovery of a mummified body turns into the biggest case of his career when it becomes clear that a serial killer has been operating for decades in Oldcastle. A woman who is tortured by guilt for not helping a woman she saw in the woods, a woman who was later found killed, cant get over the feeling that someone is watching her., Andrew. When a forensic psychiatrist meets a nameless man who is accused of the most twisted crimes, she is shocked when he says that he is two hundred years oldand her fatherin a suspenseful and creepy new novel., L. A dystopian novel set in the near future featuring a scientist who uses a Mac Arthur grant to study bonobos at a primate sanctuary in the Midwest, until a dust storm sends her and her charges fleeing into the surrounding countryside. attorney working for the International Criminal Court in The Hague investigates a 2004 war crime where 400 members of a Roma community were killed in Bosnia., Lisa. Two womenone learning to deal with a brutal attack that left her perfect life in tatters and the other a woman seeking revenge on those who killed her familycome together when the first buys the house where the murder took place., 17.99) Apr. When a man drops off a cat to board with cat groomer Cassie, she is surprised when she shows her spots after a bath, leading her to believe that the cat may be a purloined purebred Bengal, and after the owner is found dead, she knows that she cant pussyfoot around in finding a killer.. A disaffected Spanish lawyer discovers that his estranged sister has committed suicide after murdering the Russian gangster who kidnapped her son, but in investigating her death he examines the life of his antifascist father who had spent time in the USSR, was arrested, and later became a leader in the resistance. When new evidence surfaces in the disappearance of a young girl ten years before, a prize-winning journalist is plunged back into the story and follows leads that point to a motorcycle gang and a prominent politicianand secrets of her own past. In the latest thriller set in contemporary Ireland a disgraced police officer and an ex-con planning his next heist are part of a plot that weaves together financial chicanery, church abuse, and gangland crime., Mike. Three dirty cops must investigate the murder of a female officerwithout revealing their own secrets or their less-than-professional relationship to the pregnant victim., Mary. When her husband is killed in a car accident that leaves her 4-year-old daughter suffering from nightmares, a woman becomes convinced that the accident was, in fact, not an accident at all.. A debut thriller about the death of a high-school girl in a small Colorado town and how it impacts the lives of the townspeople, particularly the boy who loved her, the girl who wanted to be her, and the policeman investigating the crime., John. George Smiley returns when his assistant at MI6 is called out of retirement in Brittany to answer questions about a Cold War operation that created a number of casualties, casualties whose descendants are threatening legal action against the British government. A former journalist who can now barely leave her house is helped by her husband, whom she met when she was looking for the identity of her real father and later married, but as she gets better, she begins to doubt the man she loves. In the second in this legal series, an attorney who specializes in defending death-row inmates takes the case of a man accused of arranging the shooting of a drug dealer, who was exonerated by the man who pulled the trigger, but whose mental illness prevents him from advocating for himself., David. When a dog left at the Tara Foundation turns out to be a dog that was kidnapped along with a baby 2 1/2 years before, Andy Carpenter investigates to see if the baby might still be found., Alex. Miami PI Pete Fernandez is hired by the daughter of a former Miami police officer convicted of killing his wife, and at the same time finds himself investigating his own fathers death at the hands of a pro-Castro hitman., 18.00) Apr. A mob enforcer from Alaska resettles in upstate New York, but he is unable to leave his past behind when a teenaged girl disappears and he delves back into the underworld in the first of a new series., Cynthia. A woman leaves behind her high-powered career in Manhattan to run an ice-cream shop in the Hudson Valley, but the murder of a business rival forces her to churn up the suspects before her business is frozen out in the first of a new series.. In the first in a delectable new cozy series set in rural Kentucky, a pastry chef must sift for clues while making a wedding cake for a friend when the chef at the local country club is found dead., William. A Brooklyn woman volunteering as a Eucharistic minister witnesses a murder and fears that the killer is stalking her, a situation complicated by the return of her former girlfriend., Jay. A lawyer who was disbarred and sent to prison after sampling the evidence in a drug case along with the prosecutor is working as a salesman when his physician sister calls him for help when she is accused of murdering her estranged husband, and after he agrees he discovers that the prosecutor is now the judge who will be hearing the case., Duffy. Consignment-shop owner Reagan must put her wedding plans on hold to investigate when two women who work as professional mourners are implicated in the murder of the man who fleeced them out of their money. When several politicians die, the initial verdict is natural causes, but the latest death is found to be an assassination using a small drone, so the Covert Eyes team is sent to discover the killer., 27.00) Apr. A magical novel about an Irish woman working as a caretaker in London, who takes over the care of an irascible and reclusive man living in a gothic mansion, a man who may have killed his wife whose body was found years before at the foot of the staircase. A debut police procedural set in Dublin, featuring a homicide detective who investigates the death of a woman, found hanging in her home, her body covered in scars with partially-healed bones, and her husband missing. In a debut novel, a clothing designer dispatches a small group of brand ambassadors to represent her clothing to Nantucket, and when a young aspiring designer is chosen, she is thrilled, but a toxic mlange of drugs, illicit hookups, and rivalry leads to a murder, and she realizes that no one is what they seem., Stephen. When the body of a young boy is found, a Little League coach is arrested for the murder despite his alibi, but did he really do it? When a film begins shooting in Duluth based on a serial killer he captured, police lieutenant Jonathan Stride is concerned, but when an intern on the film is shot, he investigates after it turns out that she was using a false identity to spy on the lead actor., David. When an archaeologist discovers a coin marked with a Star of David in the wreckage of a ship that sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1684, he investigates because the ship would have had to pass through waters controlled by the Spanish Inquisition on its voyage from Tangier in a brilliant blend of history and suspense., Lee. In the first of a funny new series a crime writer is horrified when a terrorist group uses a scenario he had devised for the CIA to help the government prepare for the worst, so knowing who is responsible and how it was done, he and his book tour minder go on the road, followed by assassins in hot pursuit., Alex. In the first of a new series a Nazi hunter, his Tibetan mastiff, and a Kansas State Trooper join forces to hunt down a concentration camp director let into the U. in the 1950s who has continued his evil work and has amassed a group of wealthy followers., Elly. Archaeologist Ruth Galloway is hired to work in an Italian hill town identifying bones, but while she hears rumors of a strong resistance movement in the area during WWII and feels that there are dark secrets buried in the area, its not until a murder occurs in the present that she begins to wonder if there is a connection with the ancient bones shes studying., Martha. Richard Jury investigates when an acquaintance is murdered outside a London art gallery in a case that takes Melrose Plant to Nairobi and him to a gambling club in Reno., Julia. A twisty tale of an elderly man, who may or may not have dementia, who may or may not be a serial killer, who is taken on a road trip through Texas by a woman who may or may not be his daughter.

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