Npr speed dating

I've heard from people telling me they "hooked up" with their significant other at one of my parties!!! The only downside is when people complain to us about the parties or the venue.

Yes, we do need to hear feedback, even if it's negative, so that we can either return to that venue or avoid it in the future.

34691Phone: (727) 943-0569 (Beer N Biscuit)(727) 934-6357 (Tahitian Resort)Florida_Diva & Phoenixwych worked out a REAL sweet deal for the Speed Dating party at the Tahitian Resort in Holiday. They have a full menu and Saturday nights they have all you can eat ribs until 8pm for .99!!! Normally we would say the first 26 men and 26 women could do the speed dating but we've decided to do 2 sessions if needed. Which the venue will be collecting when you sign up. to enjoy Music and Kareoke with a "GONG SHOW" for those who want to play . ..the "dirty dice" game and the scratch offs from the last party which people lined up to play.

So come early and chow down if this is more to your taste. It was so much fun last time and this venue is so much nicer and it'll be POOLSIDE!!!! There will be printed rules and suggested questions. For those who dont want to join all the speed dating fun . For POFers & Guest who travel , or to avoid drinking and driving , The mgr has this great discount for POF party members and thier guests can rent a room for the night for .95 parkside (standard rooms) or .95 poolside (premium rooms).....(only 1 or 2 people to a room, please).

I don't slow down (I am usually doing the speed limit or 2 over) or jump in the right lane just because I see a state trooper unless he's moving or needs me to switch lanes.

I noticed everyone ahead tapping their brakes at the point of the opening (I guess its normal for people but I don't get it) That told me automatically that there was a bear in the middle.

Of course the lady still in the right lane see that she's coming up on those cars and trucks in the right lane slowing down so she speeds up and gets in the left lane in front of me.

But please understand that we have no control over these places.

We can make suggestions and for the most part they listen and accommodate us. Please bear with us and don't blame us for something out of our hands. So come out and play with us at this great new venue.

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