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I have never moved in with someone or declared my love for someone due to my past...but I have taken chance after chance with Guy because he makes me feel so safe and protected that my chances won't fail.I am moving in with him and Guy is someone that I find myself looking into the future with.Something I have never done or never thought possible.We have been dating for 6 weeks and the relationship is going exceptionally well , we are both very very happy .Take care, Hi Cara, Just to let you know that Six Minute Dates does work!If you ever need a painter or a printer you let us know! He is a wonderful and caring man that I want to love and have in my arms from morning till dark, from today till tomorrow, from this year till next, from now until forever!Hugs to you, Best Regards, Robin Dear Cara, Please remove me from your list as I have been dating someone I met at one of your events .

On July 20, I met Guy at the Bean Scene and it was great!

The guy I met, Rob Van Staden, will be my soon Husband as we are getting married this July. Dear Cara, I cannot thank you enough for your services.

I only went to your function once but that is all that was needed!

We both chose one another and than emails were missed but things were figured out and we started dating on July 30.

Since August we have been apart for maybe 5 nights in total.

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