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Given at Stonham Aspale, Monday, feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 11 Hen. Petherton Samuel Glissons married to Elizabeth Budgell at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Witnesses: Jonathan Crocker & Samuel Ostler by Banns File#10377 Reg#270 Ann Winn married to George Martin at St Andrew Church at Burnham on Sea, both of this parish, grrom bachelor, bride spinster, Susan Merrott, File#12353 Reg#693 Samuel Glisson married to Jane Norris at St Swithins, Walcot, groom Bachelor, occ pork Butcher, abode Wellington Place, father Thomas Glisson, pork butcher, bride widow, abode Wellington Place, father John Peters, mason, Witnesses: Joseph Qunitas & George Allwright, File#15721 Reg#116. But other records indicate, he was businessman in 1721, sheriff in 1733, unless he went to Virginia for business and then come back 1718-1721.

to Elizabeth Fisher at Mendham, Suffolk John Glissan m. In his probate will of 1779, Edward Bullock left all his lands to his son, Thomas Bullock.

(1) to (2), all his goods and chattels, movable and immovable, living and dead, in Suffolk or elsewhere in England. His next work, De Hepate, was published in 1654 and this account of the cellular envelope of the vena porta was so much more accurate than any which had previously been published that his name became inseparably connected with it, under the disignation Welsh Probate Records, Diocese of St Asaph, Catalogue Ref. Asaph Public records, some items unfit for production, mainly English, some Welsh, small proportion of Latin pre-1733 File-Item:p 117- ref DD\GB/148/109- date: n.d. Stating that on -5 Hix was leased 30 messuages, 10 cottages, 1000a land, 500a meadow, 800a pasture in Backwell, Barrow Minchin, Barrow Gurney, Dundry, Winford, Filton, Clevedon, Failand, Long Ashton and Wraxall for 5 years by Alex Godwyn the elder, Alice his wife, Alex Godwyn the younger, Walter Webb, Joane his wife, Of William Gore of Barrow Esq, (aged 20) and Ruth his wife (aged 14), by their attorney John Blagrave, to Lord Keeper of Great Seal, against Nathaniel Friend and Thomas Day (executors of will of Benjamin Tibbot), Alex Godwin senior, and Alice his wife (daughter of said Benjamin Tibbot), Alex Godwin junior (their son), Walter Webb and Joan his wife (daughter of Benjamin Tibbot), , Ruth Tibbott (mother of Ruth Gore, widow of John Tibbot, son of said Benjamin Tibbot), John Hellier, John Freek and Thomas Edwards, alleging that they had destroyed documents showing Ruth Gores title to manor of Barrow Gurney and other estates of Benjamin Tibbot bequeathed to latters son Nathaniel Tibbott, whose heir said Ruth Gore is. LB/Ch/l date 1691 July 21 John Hoskins, Richard Wilkins, Stephen Cowling, William Dowling, Samuel Hollister, Schoolmaster, living in Warwick Street, of whom notice would be had from Lieut. George, Richmond Herald, and Sampson Lennard, Bluemantle Pursuibant, Marshals & Deputies to William Camden, Clareneeux Kin of Arms, Edited by John Paul Rylands, F. Arms-- Quarterly: 1 and 4, Azure, a chevron between three mullets of six points or; 2 and 3, Argent, a fret gules, a canton of the second Crest. at Westminster, Saint Mary Soho, London son of George & Celia Glisson Frank John Glisson c. For the satisfaction of your readers, who delight in the Quixotic and marvellous, let me assure them, that I here saw the Magician of the Cave, in the form of a bat, clinging to the cieling [sic] of his crystal palace.

Redgeman, of Bury & 1 grange & 1 garden adjacent in Bury suburbs, outside Westgate (abuttals. William Harvey conveys the said premises to the use of the College and after his death to the said Heneage Finch, etc. RCP-LEGAC/SR 10A box 4/4- date: 1 April 1673 was one of the illustrious few who instituted weekly meetings in London to promote inquires into natural and experimental philosophy, from which, after the Restoration, the Royal Society came into being, Glisson of course being a member. LB/OP/11/10- date:1755 Charities, Documents relating to Thomas Mundays Charity File- (no title)- ref P/St. That Margaret Bamfield was son of Richard Bamfield of Chilforme, Dorset, England, who could have been the Richard son of Richard Bamfield & Elizabeth Sydenham b. The Visitation of County of Dorset, Taken in the year 1623 by Henry St. London 1885, Reprinted by the Harlean Society- To see copy of below Visitations see Glisson of county Suffolk, son Walter of Bristoll wife Jane dau of Cooke of Bristoll, Cooke dau of Gourney, Issue: (1) Eliz married Thos Bryne of Bristoll, (2) Israell married Marian dau of Geo Gough of Howerfield of county Glouchester, (3) Mary married Wm Ellis of Bristoll, (4) William of Rampisham. Stepney, Spitafields Christ Church, London, dau of John & Harriett Glissing Gerrard William Glisson c. The rock (a limestone) was so hard, that our tools were unequal to procure me the specimens I wanted, and I was sorry to find those we saw had been much defaced by Cornish miners, who, in trying for copper a few years ago broke off the finest pieces to send to their friends.

An online dating is free to join for unintrusive flirting and uncompromising dating with singles living in your area.Witnesses: John Martyn, John Chapman, John Wynde of Burgate, John Brett, Robert Caumpe and others. Witnesses: Thomas Sengelton, John Neue, William Thorp of Stowe market [Stowmarket] and others. Witnesses: Reginald Ederych, Thomas Pecher, Robert Chapman, Henry Laneman, William Thorpp and others. William Feldegate of Stonham Aspale, William Grene, son of Thomas Grene of Westcretynge [Creeting St Peter], Sir John Morgon, clerk, Thomas Colchestre of Pethawghe [Pettaugh] (1) to (2), 2 crofts with adjoining lane (8a.) called Melle clos, lying together in Stonham Aspale between land formerly of John Mory on S. still living at Rampisham, did not get rest of this piece, but this is probably the marriage bond for George Browne and Margaret Glisson who were married .) Waltar Glisson married to Anne Vele at St Andrew Church in Chew Magna File#11340 William Glisson married to Mary at St Peter & Paul Church in Maperton groom parish Wincanton File#4016 Elizabeth Glisson married to John Farrington at St Peter & Paul Church in Wincanton File#5611 Jone Glister married to Isaac Fillimore at St Luke Church in Brislington File#11201 Jane Glison married to John Linard at St Luke Church in Brislington File#11201 Mary Gliston married to Edw Hower at St Mary in Chilthorne Domer groom parish Illchester File#5768 Robert Glsin married to Mary Blackman at Preston on Stour in Gloucester County, by lic File#12836 Betty Glisson married to Richard Manning at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Witnesses: John Wright & Samuel Glisson File#11135 Mary Glisson married to John Wright at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Witnesses: William Wright & Sam Glisson, lic File#11135 Martha Glisson married to Thomas Andrewsat St Johns Church in Yeovil, groom parish Mudford Witnesses: Samuel Glisson & Sarah Glisson File#11135 Sarah Glisson married to Robert Winter at St Johns Church in Yeovil, groom parish Sherborne, brides parish St John in Yeovil, Witnesses: Edward Burton & Eliza Haynes Lic File#11135 John Glisson married to Mary Hallet at St Bartholomew in Yeovilton, alias Hockey File#22244 John Frampton married to Jane Hix at St Mary the Virgin in Mudford, both of this parish, Witnesses: Nathl Corry & Samuel Glisson, Banns File#12340 Thomas Glisson married to Sarah Walker at St Marys Chapel in Walcot, File#15769 Sarah Glisson married John Cole at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Banns, Witnesses: Anna Colley & Thomas Glisson Thomas Glisson married to Mary Ann Rapson at St Johns Church in Yeovil, Witnesses: William Hurley & Jonathan Crocker File#10377 Reg#161 Sophia Glisson married to George Prouse at St George Church in Hinton St George, groom abode S. and wife Mary Day, grandson of Henry Glisson Sr., great-grandson of William Glisson & Eleanor Wickham, gg grandson of Israel Glisson & Marian Gough, ggg grandson of Walter Glisson & Joan Cooke, gggg grandson of Thomas Glisson of Sufffolk, England. Katherine Bret, Walter Grymprest of Brokforde [Brockford], Thomas Pecher of Brokforde, Thomas Bret of Stonham Aspale (1) to (2), messuage called Stonyldes, lying in Stonham Aspale between highway leading from Dunwych [Dunwich] towards Bury and land of Robert Stonham, 1 head abutting on pasture of Stonham Rectory, other head on way of R. together with Roger Morgon deceased lately had jointly by gift of John Waryn of Stkeneylond; 2 pieces of land in same town (2a.)parcel of tenement called Parles, 1 piece called Wylwenerowe, other called Mellelond, which W. 24 1834 to Sarah Foreman at London, Saint Bride Fleet St. to John Sims at Birmingham, Saint Martin, Warwick George Glissan m. Howling, Leo Jackson, John Hayes, John Kidd, John Marders, Samp. In 17, Also, significance of above is that it shows Samuel Glisson still of Beaminster, Dorset in 1758 and Mary Glisson m. Mary Glisson was dau of Robert Glisson & Elizabeth Betty Suter.R lookin for a woman who can be trusted to be loyal and lovei..Just old worn out trucker who had fantastic fun driving them for 30 years ...

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