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S: yeah S: doing a physical on an athlete and find that he has been letting the team fuck him and giving him the choice of either taking a whipping from me or tell his coach and parents what has been going on b: and do you fuck him then yourself?S: sometimes – depends on if the guy is into getting fucked S: after he is spanked good and submissive, telling him that I am going to fuck him to show him what it is suppose to feel like and to see if he has learned his lesson as to what he is suppose to do I sent him some more pics S: very nice – but I can make that ass lot a lot worse than that b: yeah I bet b: what are you going to do to my ass S: I am going to blister it good and then fuck the hell out of it b: so how long or how much do you give with hand and paddle OTK and how much with the strap S: depends on the person and how they react – the hand is usually a few minutes and the cheeks are good and red and he is squirming and my hand hurts before I stop and the paddle is just to get the juices flowing and then the strap usually comes in two sessions – the first one getting a good introduction to it with moderate strokes and the last is no holds barred hard strapping S: the more noise you make the better — S: I hate guys that just lie there and take it with no emotion b: oh yeah, so you want to make me yell and beg b: you ever make a guy cry S: I have before S: that is what he wanted and that is what he got b: sounds hot S: so when are we going to do this?

I have a few contacts here and there that I spank on a regular schedule and I don't mind traveling to do so S: I only spank on bare ass because that is the way it is suppose to be and I have several different implements but my favorite is a police belt that gets the job done and done well b: What is your age, stats?

b: well if I am going to wear a uniform I guess we would have to get ready S: true b: how long of a session do you want?

if you are free all evening – you could keep me overnight and give me several sessions including one the next morning before I leave S: that is possible too – you never know b: you can decide on the scene and let me know what all I need to bring with me S: my wheels are turning – I will set up the scene and send it to you along with what you need to bring S: pretty much just your uniform and ass b: ;-) S: and be ready for a long day and night of giving up your ass to my talents b: since we have plenty of time – we can do other scenes if you would like b: I think we will have lotsa fun S: ok S: oh yeah without a doubt S: so tell me about the last time you were whipped and what happened b: well those pics I sent you of me in the shorts were made Memorial Day weekend at IML b: I went and got spanked several times and even went to a spanking party S: nice b: those pics were of a strapping and caning session from a British guy b: at least 50 with the leather straps S: that's a good start b: at least 30 with the cane S: I have noticed that the British guys really have a thing for the cane b: yeah he really likes getting – but he knew how to give it too b: he was a shorter guy but he had a barrel like chest and could swing it good b: I got some really hard paddling at the spank party S: I use to whip a guy in ____ that liked to get caned b: one guy went a bit overboard with a paddle with holes and my butt was seeping a bit when he finished S: I don't like paddles too much – they do too much damage too soon b: which kinda put an end to more spanking for the night S: yeah that would b: but no perm damage – all the marks and bruises had faded in less than a week S: I spanked a guy a few months ago from ___ who I have spanked off and on over the years. Maybe he won't be too mad and I can work something out.

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Put it on the side of Tanyushka so that its hind legs were at her breasts.

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