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MAMA has been involved with the Oregon program since its beginning in 1998.

We have all of the resources necessary to help you get your card and will guide you through the entire process.

To begin, you can fill out our online application by clicking the link below.

We understand the uncertainty associated with the process and that medical marijuana is often the only effective treatment for many ailments that traditional medicine provides little relief or is accompanied by uncomfortable and dangerous side effects.

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At their clinics they help patients with a diagnosed medical condition, which qualifies under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, to register with the Program.

This will allow us to pre-qualify you for receiving a medical marijuana card.

Once at our clinic, our Cannabis physician will go over all your medical records with you and write you a recommendation. The Cannabis Salem web site is being established to help folks interested in finding out about Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) in Oregon and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

OMMP Medical Marijuana Clinic in Albany, Oregon | Apply Online!

Portland Medical Marijuana Clinic Here at our Portland Medical marijuana doctors office we support all Oregon residents looking to qualify under the OMMA.

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