that way the security hole can be closed, as you specify what variables you would like extracted$input = array('name' = reply to ceo AT l-i-e DOT com: I don't think it's a risk, as all of your request variables will be tagged with the prefix.

As long as you don't prefix any of your internal variables with the same, you should be fine.

Better to import precisely the variables you need, and initialize anything else properly.

import_request_variables() is gone from PHP since version 5.4.0. For example:import_request_variables('gp', 'v_'); Can be replaced with:extract($_REQUEST, EXTR_PREFIX_ALL|EXTR_REFS, 'v'); import_request_variables does *not* read from the $_GET, $_POST, or $_COOKIE arrays - it reads the data directly from what was submitted.

If you're interested in importing other variables into the global scope, such as parameter, you can specify which request variables to import.

You can use ' G', ' P' and ' C' characters respectively for GET, POST and Cookie.

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