Outlook global address list not updating exchange 2016

I believe by default the GAL refresh is (approximately) every 12 hours or so.We support quite a few remote users who only use OWA to access our company e-mail, and this is the prescribed method for setting up their user and e-mail accounts. ****************************************** You can see the mailbox in Exchange System Manager (ESM) after the first successful mailbox login or when the account receives its first e-mail.

It's pretty annoying and I'm sure I once, a couple of OS-upgrades and Office-upgrades ago, could search contacts as well. Added more info: I've tried the "Outlook Address Book" tab on Contacts-Properties, but the option for "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is unavailable/grayed out!

Once this is completed, the user is able to now log in to that account via OWA and the Exchange admin can use his / her Outlook's File - Inbox command to view the mailbox.

As for the new address not immediately showing up in the Global Address List (GAL), this is due to Exchange needing time to replicate the change, and workstations to get the updated copy of the GAL.

If you have not followed the above steps 1 to 6, then this option will have been disabled.

Then when you open the Outlook address book it should appear in the "Address Book" drop down list with the name you specified in the previous step.

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