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You can also use raw disk partitions as data files. Using a battery-backed disk cache in the SCSI disk controller or in the disk itself speeds up file flushes, and makes the operation safer.

You can also try to disable the caching of disk writes in hardware caches.

My SQL Enterprise Backup adds CRC32 checksum support in 3.8.1, with some limitations.

Refer to the My SQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.1 Change History for more information.

Strict settings are somewhat faster, because they do not need to compute all checksum values during disk reads.

write the specified type of checksum value into each data block, but for compatibility accept other checksum values when verifying a block during a read operation.

For table data stored on SSD, seek time is not a significant factor and you can turn this setting off to spread out write operations. The following commits save the file info to the database after an upload: You don't see it immediately, but when you refresh or save the node edit form changes should be visible.In Explorer one marked file is also automatically selected and therefore the drag is working instantly.Maybe its a suggestion to create an option always to select one single file automatically to get the drag&drop working? p=308648#308648 It's currently neither fish nor fowl.

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