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And, a contact number for any time she felt the need to talk to her son.If you are freaking out over the idea of not knowing where your child is 24 hours a day, that is an issue with you, not with the child’s Dad.When in her home there is a strict 9 o’clock bedtime, homework is done and put in backpacks immediately after dinner, which is home cooked with only organic ingredients.Mom and Dad both seem hell-bent on proving their style of parenting is better than the others.But, how many divorced parents do you think are able to come to a compromise on parenting or anything else?

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Have clear language in your decree about important issues such as: Addressing parenting issues before the divorce is final can keep down a lot of conflicts once you are all trying to move on.

As much as you love your children, at times it can be difficult to put their best interest before the pain or anger you feel over the divorce or, at your ex.

How well your children adjust to your divorce will depend on how well you and your ex co-parent once the divorce is final and how little co-parenting conflicts you have to deal with.

You can, however, be an example to your children of the kind of parenting they deserve.

And, do your best until your children become adults and able to deal with the other parent in their own way.

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