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Each parent is to provide the other with the address and telephone number at which the minor children reside.

In all other circumstances, either parent acting alone may exercise legal control of the child.Both parents should be listed as emergency contacts. Each parent is responsible for keeping themselves advised and for advising each other of all school, athletic, and social events in which the children participate including, but not limited to school report cards, school meeting notices, requests for school conferences, notice of activities related to the children, and order forms for school pictures.Each parent shall keep the other advised at all times of his/her current residence and business address, telephone numbers (home, cell and work), the children’s school and daycare, and the location of where the children will be spending any extended period of time (two days or more) This is how we write them but, like all the provisions here, some lawyers have different drafting styles.An order of joint legal custody shall not be construed to permit an action that is inconsistent with the physical custody order unless the action is expressly authorized by the court.If that sounds like the Court can designate some things as requiring mutual consent and others not, yes, you are correct. Here is how we like ours to read but there are exceptions.

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