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He was Tyler Durden's (Owen Cook) apprentice and trained under him for over 2 years before becoming a full fledged instructor (Owen notes this in one of his video seminars) A Love Systems instructor, Keychain is one of the most likable and soft spoken instructors.His big hair marks his iconic avatar and he is recognized mostly from his blog and his work with Love Systems Loverboy is an instructor in PUA that hails from China and started his adult life studying to be a doctor in Scotland.By viewing a wide range of personalities on any given night, he also learned how to effectively read people.Julien is a professional dating coach at Real Social Dynamics.Having little luck with the ladies however, he used his ambition and drive to make himself known in the field of dating instruction.Marni is considered a secret weapon in the seduction community as she can teach men from a woman's point of view...a hot woman at that.David Deangelo is one of the most successful "gurus" in the pickup industry, and one of the first to turn pickup into a business.

Julian developed a never back down attitude that is a necessity in the club game, where you either need to step up or get stepped on.Gunwitch was a PUA mentioned in the game who focused on going direct and accepting the truth that women want sex as much as men.Similar to Mode One by Alan Roger Currie, he goes directly and sexual without running a safer route of indirect game.Steve Mayeda's development of a successful dating technique and subsequent blog, podcast and more resulted from something being missing in his life.A key speaker at the under 21 convention, he has jumped onto the scene of second generation PUA coaches.

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