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The games are not only a stage for the players to gain fame and fortune but also a huge marketing opportunity for the companies in the billion video game industry that sponsor them. will be able to showcase their latest gaming PC, and semiconductor firms like Nvidia Corp. The success of the World Cyber Games has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of participants since it began.

"I'm pretty excited, but my schedule has been pretty hectic," said Whittier, 19, who spent last week moving into his new dormitory room and going to class while trying to squeeze in practice time.

But this week, the focus is on the World Cyber Games. Levine also is putting together a scouting report by looking at video clips of rival teams' past matches, which are often posted on the Internet by tournament organizers.

Levine said the team has been practicing up to eight hours a day, five or six days a week, since winning the U. "You find their tendencies and habits, and try to find their weaknesses," he said.

I was going to be a freshman at UCLA, and I was just getting ready for school," he said.

But Whittier said he has put in more preparation this year, playing several hours a day online against his friends.

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