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In the free time that remained after toiling the soil and tending to the animals, the indigenous farmers discerned the laws of nature, developed vaccines for deadly illnesses, stretched out the average lifespan prodigiously, and fed the starving in far away places.

This Golden Age lasted from about 20,000 BC up until the American Revolution. Immediately upon declaring their Independence, the Americans began the theft of native Indian lands, industries, highways, and communications infrastructure.

Family planning, effective birth control, and early sex education ensured that every family had exactly 2.2 children per household, which prevented overpopulation and famine.

All farming was organic and for subsistence purposes only.

The environment was clean due to reliance on alternative fuels and invigorating manual labor.

The corporations launched wars and endemic diseases to create economic need and political chaos from which, like Venus from the sea foam, the greedy bourgeois class was born.

With the help of the local bourgeoisie, the Americans overthrew all of the free world's honest and caring chieftains, replacing them with corrupt democratic regimes in order to steal their oil and destroy local ecosystems.

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