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If a problem occurs during printing, an error message appears in the text box at the top of the progress meter window.

When the ink runs low or out, a How to button appears below the text box.

Windows 8 finds and installs most printers automatically, but sometimes requires manual adjustments or installations.

The "Use Printer Offline" option allows you to send jobs to your printer when you are not connected to it, but when you reconnect, it does not automatically send those jobs.

Click How to, and EPSON Status Monitor will lead you step by step through the ink cartridge replacement procedure.

When the ink runs low or out, a How to button appears.The extension displays detailed information on the selected document's printer software settings.If you select Print Time, a dialog box appears, allowing you to specify the date and time when the document will be printed.I've tried calling Refresh on the Print Queue object but that doesn't really do anything.For instance, I've turned off the printer and the Control Panel correctly shows the printer as "Offline", however the Queue Status property, as well as the Is Offline property don't reflect that - no matter how many times I call Refresh on both the Print Server and the Print Queue in question.

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