Problem updating windows 7 sp1 when to ask are we dating

As previously mentioned there are varying reasons that can be the cause of the issue and therefore there are multiple solutions.

In normal behavior the Windows Update Client will usually download updates for itself before it begins to download other updates, however, with this problem this update does not always occur.This post is intended to be as conclusive as possible.When opening Windows Update and clicking and when monitoring processes in Task Manager the SVCHOST.Microsoft has this process very well documented and you should follow the steps clearly outlined in the following knowledge base article: It’s possible that the Windows Update service cannot connect to Microsoft’s update services due to corrupted system files.To repair Windows system files, you can either: If after you have exhausted the list of solutions in this post, my final recommendation is that you consider re-installing Windows, after successfully re-installing windows, you should perform steps 1 and 2 in this post before checking for updates.

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