Prolog code for dating service Webcammax

The following Wiki comparison table gives an overview of Prolog systems and whether they are multi threaded and/or support some web programming: Comparison of Prolog implementations, Operating system and Web-related features For my own take on this problem I have set up a little tutorial that shows the use of the Jekejeke Runtime for server side business logic.

Jekejeke Runtime is quite flexible, you can not only have multiple threads, you can also have multiple knowledge bases.

Rules are evaluated in an order based on a property called , which is defined as part of the recognition rule specification in Design Studio.

Order recognition rules use XQuery expressions to match incoming customer orders.

De trainingen zijn praktijkgericht, dat wil zeggen dat er veel geoefend wordt, en de trainingen worden toegespitst op jouw bedrijfssituatie d.m.v. Safety & Medical Training neemt bovendien de planning, certificering en registratie voor je uit handen.For SWI-Prolog, you could look to Thea2 which has support for SWRL in Prolog and can also be attached to external reasoners via JPL such as Hermi T for OWL/SWRL reasoning, or Pellet, etc.On a personal note, I have used JPL several times in the past to enable web-apps with a SWI-Prolog backend, which works just fine if you intend to program your web app using a language which is executable on a JVM, like Java, Groovy, or Scala, for example.Ook is het mogelijk de training in dagdelen te verzorgen. at work there was discussion of using prolog as the backend for a rules engine on an web-app. are there available prolog libraries for other languages allowing invocation of prolog modules.

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