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I just try to summary what I had to do with some side notes. Not much you could do, only one choice: dump the firmware, patch it and write it back.In order to hack PS3 for whatever reasons you might have, you need to Downgrade firmware to 3.55, because firmware 3.55 has a bug that allow you to update a CFW. Another way is patch your current firmware so that it will allow CFW to be installed. All other methods, like usb stick thing that tricks the PS3 into running code in elevated memory area is not working anymore. Do you know why Sony released a sh~t load of firmwares for PS3 over time? Here are the general steps: - Preparing the Flasher. - Verify the NOR File - Patch the NOR File - Write the NOR File back.I can’t help but feeling betrayed by my mother and my husband.What's interesting to find is that a astronomical percentage of its millions are jdate speeddating raising for a Italian run.Either of it requires dump the current firmware which stored on the onboard flash memory chip, NOR or NAND, and then use a software to modify the firmware parameters so that we can write back the patched firmware. - Finishing with installing CFW My PS3 uses NOR chip and I use Teensy2.0 for flasher which is cheapest solution. - Download a hacked firmware (CFW) that higher or the same version of yours.(eg: your is 4.60, download CFW 4.60) - Download an OFW same version as CFW you downloaded - Install OFW so that your current FW is the same as CFW you downloaded - Download NORway - Download Way launchers - Download Bw E NOR Validator lasted version 1.31 can validate OFW up to 4.40 - Download PS3 Dump Checker validate upto OFW 4.89 - Download Teensy Loader - Follow this wiki guide for the hardware part - Order Teensy2.0 or a counterfeit one with AT90USB1286 - Cut the 5v bridge on the regulator pad - Do not join 3v3 bridge as it’s only for 3v3 USB systems, but PCs are 5v USB systems - Solder 3v3 regulator MCP1825 on the back of teensy2.0 - MCP1825 can be replaced with AMS1117 3v3 little creative - Solder all testpoints to Teensy2.0 - Confirm all connections are good.No matter where you are from - United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France or anywhere else, you are welcome to join.

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