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This game's a roller coaster that goes from not taking itself seriously at all to being surprisingly dark in its many routes.

There's even one girl option, though it's light on potential romance.

You certainly don't have to be a young lady to enjoy what otome games have to offer!

However, since the genre originated as romance games for women and took many stylistic queues from manga, the protagonists are women, and the romance options are nearly always men.

While numerous versions of the game have been localized into English for a plethora of systems, It's the ultimate mashup of fairytale and literary characters, from The Wizard of Oz to Puss in Boots.

The twist on these classic characters comes from the title – they're all members of warring mafia groups that the protagonist unwittingly finds herself caught between.

Otome games tend to be criticized for having bland protagonists who don't take a active role in their narratives, despite being the central player character.

While a less-defined protagonist may be easier for players to imagine themselves as, many players prefer protagonists with their own personalities, motivations, and character growth.

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Often, there are even secret characters who won't unlock until you've played everyone else's route!

While is the kind of game where it's no big deal if you skip a few routes, Hatoful Boyfriend absolutely must be played until you get the true ending.

Get ready for a game that's a whole lot more than just a few bird puns!

: The Otome Game, only this time the protagonist is not a long-time MMO player, but a girl who ventures into an MMO along with her childhood friend when her brother is rumored to have gone missing inside it.

As she uncovers the mysteries of the MMO, she comes in contact with a number of different players.

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