Reasons for backdating council tax benefit

The only difference is that the maximum amount of time we can back date is one month, if you can prove you have good reason for not claiming sooner. The following are some circumstances that we would look at a backdate for a 'good cause' reason.

You need to tell us the period you want it backdated for, and give full details of why your claim is late.

Council Tax Support can be backdated for up to 6 months and the same conditions apply.

If you are State Pension Credit Age , if you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support (or both) we may backdate your benefit up to 3 months before the date you claimed.

If you are of pensionable age, we are able to consider ‘backdating’ your claim for up to three months automatically.

If you are a working age customer, we cannot backdate your claim. We also have a discretionary payment scheme for backdated awards of Council Tax Reduction.

We can only do this if you have to pay rent and Council Tax for this period and are entitled to claim.

Housing benefit is awarded the same way Council Tax Reduction is.We do not need to know why you did not claim sooner in order to backdate your benefit.For us to work out how much benefit you will be entitled to, you will need to give us proof of your income, savings and rent for the period you want to claim.In this case, we may backdate your benefit to February. If you, or your partner, are of State Pension Credit Age and qualify for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support (or both), we can backdate your benefit up to 3 months before the date you made your claim (as long as you were entitled to benefit for that period).However, if you were ill from February to March and had no-one to help you make a claim, but you did not claim until May, we would not backdate benefit to February because you were not ill from March until May and therefore you have not shown continuous good cause. If you are of State Pension Credit Age and you are entitled to benefit from a date before you claimed, we will give you your benefit automatically.

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