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Hi all, I'm working on a ssrs report with parameters startdate and [email protected] : default to 1st of previous [email protected] : default to last day of previous month User can change the startdate,enddate Now when user select case 1) @startdate @enddate (ex: startdate: 10/31/2010, enddate: 10/1/2010 this should not happened)The user should not be able to select values as in case2or If he select as in case2, then we should prompt/warn the user (msg -"startdate should not later than enddate") "" Then Msg Box(msg, 16, "Report Validation")Err. Value)It worked in BIDS (My system) but failed on QAPlease help me in solving this issue Thanks in advance-pravin Hi that is an alternative.

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This dataset returns the Productkey and English Product Name based on value supplied for the @Product query parameter. The @Product report parameter has been automatically created by SSRS.

The most common way to do this is to use a stored procedure to validate the input.

You can also use a text box with conditional visibility to display a message to the user that the value is incorrect and put conditional visibility using the same logic on other report items to hide them when the user's input is incorrect.

To demonstrate the solution, I will use the Adventureworks DW2008R2 database. I am creating an embedded data source connection to the Adventureworks DW2008R2 database.

You can refer to the below image to create a new data source connection.

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