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How much earlier the body can respond to a future (and known) event will require further investigation.” Figure 1.

Experimental Protocol The experimental Roulette Protocol utilized a gambling paradigm – roulette – in which the participants are required to choose a bet amount and then choose (bet on) either red or black.

Our field study incorporates responses from 450 managers representing 410 projects from firms located in the United Arab Emirates.

in Engineering Management from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama.“There were differences in the full-moon and new-moon phases in regards to the winnings.The average win ratio was higher, 52% for the full moon vs. In addition, more money was lost during the new-moon sessions – average total loss was .15 – than during the full-moon sessions – average total loss was .75. The table above shows results for each of the 13 participants (SUB#), his or her win ratio and the average dollars and cents won or (lost) during full-moon versus new-moon trials.For each trial, electrodes were attached to the pads of participants’ index and second fingers of their nondominant hands so skin conductance levels could be measured and electrocardiographic information was recorded from electrodes placed on the chest so heart-rate variability/HRV (the beat-to-beat changes in heart rate), could be recorded.They chose bet amounts and then selected either for each impending spin of the roulette wheel on a computer screen.

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