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We like our significant others to be independent and strong, and apparently not waiting three days demonstrates weakness.BS Factor: 9Who honestly gives a damn if someone texts you right after a date or three days later?If you didn’t have a great time, give the person a second chance.

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Yes, sometimes it may be strange for a 20-year-old to be tangled up with a 30-year-old, or a 24-year-old to be dating a 21-year-old.Cut the bullshit, and have a mature conversation if being exclusive is what you want.And if it’s not in the interests of you and your “friend,” then make sure you’re being safe.(That means using a condom and getting tested regularly, if you weren't already aware.)The only acceptable time to send a text to “hang out” or to ask someone to “come over” (i.e. Why People Follow the Rule: Perhaps, you want to make the other person know that when you’re drunk on a Friday night, you're thinking about him or her.Or maybe, you want the person to think you struck out at the bar, and that the 3 am phone call is totally okay.

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