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This two-day workshop covers the major transitions from illness to dying to death, as well as sudden death, after-death care, body disposal, ceremony and ritual, bereavement, and loss, and the role of those guides known as deathwalkers.

A “deathwalker” is someone who can accompany a dying person, their family, and friends through the journey of death and dying.

The processing fee for cancellation is for programs costing less than 0 and for programs costing 0 and up.

No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the first day of a program, or if a student does not attend a program.

“Like the ‘cowboy’ garb of my comfortable suburban youth, that which we lose in reality we recreate in fantasy.” Kimmel said lumbersexuals represent a longing for vanishing masculinity-- “hardy, independent, artisanal” sensibilities.

“Men's styles often have this nostalgic, working-class reference,” Kimmel said. Just because someone wears it doesn't mean he wants to live there.

Save to Wish List" class="ui salmon inverted fluid button add-to-wishlist course-128362" wishlist-type="wishlist_button" location="Open Course Page Top Right" is Show Heart="" data-js="add-to-wishlist" data-course-id="128362" data-js-wishlist-type="wishlist_button" data-location="Open Course Page Top Right" href="//" Death is the natural and sacred end of life – one certainty that every human being will experience, yet an experience we are often unfamiliar with.

We need guys full of brawn, and grit, and everything else it takes to keep pace -- an alpha-plus to our alpha. Well there’s a guy who looks like he could not only bring home the bacon -- he could butcher the whole pig.Men who know how to pound nails, split wood, and live off the land have unwittingly lent their no-nonsense, outdoorsy wardrobes to dudes who don’t know the first thing about how to fell a tree or wrestle a bear. And this rush to exude manliness during an era of uncertain masculinity has caused us to lose its very essence.Women in America have reached a cultural milestone: we now live in a country celebrating strong, independent females who can take care of themselves.For Single Evening Events, Series, Half-Day, & Mini- Workshop, Walking Tours: No refunds or course credits.For Full Workshops: Refunds are available minus a processing fee if you cancel up to two weeks prior to the first day of the program.

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