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The other is an unofficial spot known as the “nudist pool” in Stony Kill Falls located in Minnewaska State Park.

– The Travasuns are a longstanding, co-ed nudist group that hosts clothing-optional monthly swim parties and other events on Long Island and in Queens.

But once it becomes sexual in nature, it rises to a 15 or 18 depending on the "strength" of the nudity.

Mr Austin said: "It's clear from the research we're doing at the moment and were doing four/five years ago and to an extent before that that the public are relaxed about nudity and don't equate it to sex.

Most of their members identify as gay or bi, but men of any sexual orientation are welcome.

More info at Naked FITNESS CLASSES – A personal training business called Hanson Fitness started offering naked fitness classes at one of their gyms in NYC.

So how else can one get naked here and connect with other nudists?

This is my guide to local NYC naturist groups, naked events, nude classes and more!

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It’s located on Sandy Hook, which is accessible by car or a short ferry ride from Manhattan.

Other activities usually include naked yoga and volleyball games.

To get there: It’s about an hour’s drive from Manhattan, and you can also take a train via the Long Island Railroad if you arrange for pickup at the local station.

For more info on this and other events they host, visit their website at

— This is a nudist group that started 2-3 years ago in NYC, and at first it was just for men.

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