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For a patient to not be able to understand what is going on with their body, because they can’t understand lab results or their doctor isn’t sharing or explaining them, can be a frightening and frustrating situation to be in.An in depth discussion of lab results and the certainty that the patient can understand them may lead to the patient feeling reassured, and with that may bring positive outcomes in the physician-patient relationship.In addition, a Canadian physician known as Sir William Osler was known as one of the "Big Four" professors at the time that the Johns Hopkins Hospital was first founded.Recognizing that patients receive the best care when they work in partnership with doctors, the UK General Medical Council issued guidance for patients "What to expect from your doctor" in April 2013.

In such cases, the physician needs strategies for presenting unfavorable treatment options or unwelcome information in a way that minimizes strain on the doctor–patient relationship while benefiting the patient's overall physical health and best interests.A patient must have confidence in the competence of their physician and must feel that they can confide in him or her.For most physicians, the establishment of good rapport with a patient is important.Some medical specialties, such as psychiatry and family medicine, emphasize the physician–patient relationship more than others, such as pathology or radiology, which have very little contact with patients.The quality of the patient–physician relationship is important to both parties.

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