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Auditing is tracked within the site collection’s content database so be careful to monitor and clean up as it can take over your available space (but I will get to this more later).

Auditing will track actions made against, sites, lists and libraries (including their contents), content types, and the security around all these items.

Security settings will generate a report on any security configurations that were modified.

To generate one of the predefined reports perform the following steps: You have the option of creating a custom report that can contain specific audit event types and can be further configured to report on a particular location to build report from, a date range to report on and if you are only looking at viewing the actions of a particular user, you can set those options as well.

You have two reports under this heading to choose from.

The first report (Policy modifications) will report on any changes (including creation) to the the rules that have been applied to the Information Management Policies of the site.

The data gathering for these reports is not enabled by default so I will show you how to do that.

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I’ve had long conversations with people in the Share Point Product Group about the technical debt involved and why it is a “hard” thing to fix.

I think there have been mixed messages and misinterpreted messages (no blame to Bill).

The auto indexing idea which was recently added to Office 365 and comes in Share Point 2016 (I believe – but I’m not positive) was misconstrued as lifting the 5000 item limit, which it definitely doesn’t.

Remember what year it is; 5000 items is a speck, a mote, an iota of data in this Big Data era.

When it comes to calling Share Point’s APIs, the 5000 item limit simply has to go. I don’t care about all the technical debt talk about it.

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