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Though some of the conventions of printmaking are used by some artists for their giclée prints, such as the limiting the edition (how many prints are made) and signing the print at the bottom in pencil, they are reproductions created using an ink-jet printer from a scan or photo of a painting, not original artworks themselves.

The signatures on two etchings by the South African artist Pieter van der Westhuizen. Fine art printmaking has an established convention for how and where to sign, and what to use for your signature.

If the print bleeds off the edges of the paper, this is put on the back, or in the print somewhere.Printmaking techniques may use paper and inks, but the results are unique and the process from start to finish quite different to painting.Giclée prints are in a different category from fine art prints because they are reproductions of paintings, multiple versions of an existing painting for an artist to sell at a lower price.This month the Making A Mark Poll is about signing artwork.I've also created a new resources for artists website - How to sign a painting and other fine art - which is providing to be very popular.

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