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Assuming that everyone who’s been issued a passport over the last ten years still has it, that’s 60,884,784 people with US passports.

Given the US population is around 280 million, that gives us 21.7 per cent owning passports.

Which in some ways is fair enough; in comparison to Europeans, for example, popping over to another country is often a bigger deal than jumping on a train.Anyway, there's also the fact that it's harder as an American to travel to Canada and Mexico without one: the old 'drivers' license only' rule is increasingly being tightened, so that you need a birth certificate or some other concrete proof.Add on the fact that the US is big enough for you to travel domestically for a lifetime and still think a) you've seen a hell of a lot of world; and b) you've still a lot of world to see.The closest I’ve found is this page of the number of passports issued per year.First, lets be generous and say that every passport was issued to an adult and therefore lasts ten years.

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