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As an example, if a tire size has two sets of numbers (6-12, 5.00-15, 11.2-24), then the first number (5.00-15) is the approximate width in inches, and the second number (5.00-15) is the rim diameter in inches.

If a tire size has three sets of numbers (15x6.00-6, 26x12.00-12, 31x15.50-15), then the first number (26x12.00-12) is the approximate height in inches, the second number (26x12.00-12) is the approximate width in inches, and the third number (26x12.00-12) is the rim diameter in inches.

The two standards vary slightly with the capacity required for different inflation pressures.

While all ETRTO tires of the same load index will have the same maximum load, P-Metric tires with the same load index may have different load capacities depending on the tire size.

Prior to 1991, tire speed ratings were shown inside the tire size, before the "R" construction type.

In practice, the standards of the two organizations have evolved together and are fairly interchangeable, but not fully, since the Load Index will be different for the same size tire.Some manufacturers will install a speed governor if a vehicle is ordered with tires rated below the vehicle's maximum speed. Germany, it is allowed to mount tires with a lower speed rating code if the car manufacturer specifies tires with a very high speed rating in the registration documents and the vehicle will not reach this speed based on insufficient power.R15 215/75/15 27.7"x 8.5" 225/70/15 27.4"x 8.9" 225/75/15 28.3"x 8.9" 235/75/15 29.0"x 9.3" 245/75/15 29.5"x 9.6" 255/75/15 30.0"x 10.0" 265/75/15 30.6"x 10.4" R16 205/85/16 29.7"x 8.1" 215/75/16 28.7"x 8.5" 225/70/16 28.4"x 8.9" 225/75/16 29.2"x 8.9" 235/70/16 29.0"x 9.3" 235/85/16 31.7"x 9.3" 245/70/16 29.5"x 9.6" 245/75/16 30.5"x 9.6" To determine the allowable range of rim widths for a specific tire size, the TRA Yearbook or the manufacturer's guide should always be consulted for that specific tire—there is no rule of thumb.A P215/50R13 with the same load index of 84 only has a load rating of 495 kg (1,091 lb), also at 35 psi (240 k Pa).ETRTO produces a Standards Manual (current edition 2010), which contains a number of specifications and tables.

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