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The total traveling time is the actual amount of time the trip takes from your departure city to your final destination, according to your itinerary.

This calculated time takes into account changes in time zones, time spent in transfer cities and daylight saving time (DST).

Eurostar ran its first test train from Paris Gare du Nord via a new route in England to its new terminal at Saint Pancras, adjacent to King's Cross.

It traveled at 300 km/h, 50% faster than Britain's fastest domestic rail lines.

The Time since column indicates the accumulated total amount of time spent so far in each part of your itinerary, which totals to the total traveling time.The map shows the shortest possible path between the selected cities, but the actual route is usually longer because flights do not always follow the shortest route.The map projection makes land and oceans much wider near the south and north poles.As time and weather changes, go to our World Clock to get the current time and weather information, as well as the weather forecast for your departure or arrival city.The local times for sunrise and sunset in the departure and arrival cities are based on the time when the upper part of the Sun becomes visible above the horizon, while sunset is when the last part of the Sun is about to disappear below the horizon.

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