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Founded in 1979, the Revere Academy is a professional jewelry school where master craftsmen and craftswomen pass on their skills and knowledge to students at all levels... In 2009 Ko Park did her first designs with the two fantastic modern diamonds which are exclusivly cut by Freiesleben in Germany: CONTEXT and SPIRIT.

Merely one out of over one million rough stones has the ideal octahedron shape which allows for thetransformation into a 1 carat Context Diamond...

Fire is represented by Lava: The soldified form of the essential forces driving the creation of all land on Earth.

Water is represented by Coral: The crystaline skeleton of a reef, the nunnery to all life in Earth's Oceans.

Being guided by these two extreme disciplines and heavily influenced by the underground subcultures results in contemporary tailored clothing that compliments the body with a play on lines and structures whilst electrified by sparks of darkness. Kodesigns features these cuts as diamonds as well as semi precious stones.

Bernd Munsteiner was the first contemporary artist to go off in search of the aura of the crystal.

Clean lines based on mathematical principles like the Fibonacci Series or the Golden Mean are contrasted with the organic shapes of natural materials like lava or pearl. Commonly diamonds are priced through their carat weight, but a poorly cut diamond will render a "heavy" stone small.

Citrine, being the yellow to orange coloured variety of Quartz, is a fairly hard mineral, ranking 7 on the Mohs scale.

The typical natural colour of Topaz ranges from clear to brown.

Topaz is a hard mineral, ranking 8 on the Mohs scale only to be surpassed by Corrundum (Ruby, Sapphire. Topaz may occur in a wide range of colours including pink, red, yellow and blue, but as natural colours these are extremely rare.

Envisiontec is the number one choice for jewelry due to the precision and castable materials offered straight from the machine.

Highly detailed filigree and accurate settings are routinely produced with little or no adjustment to the machine...

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