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We are getting very tired of bowing to outside influences.Reply There has to be a mistake, certainly an American based company is not catering to people of foreign countries? who states the American 🇺🇸 flag has been removed because it offends some people, when did we start bowing down to others?Tagged as: pilot flying j corporate headquarters, pilot flying j corporate office, pilot flying j corporate office email address, pilot flying j corporate office fax, pilot flying j corporate office phone number, Pilot flying J customer complaint desk, Pilot Flying J customer complaints, pilot flying j headquarters, pilot flying j main office “In the clip, did not corroborate his claim, despite being directly in front of the Pilot Flying J where he claimed the interaction took place.Although he filmed a video directly after the purported conversation, he apparently didn’t capture evidence that it happened as described (or at all).As is often the case with claims about “offensive” American flags or unpatriotic gas stations, Moore’s story spread quickly, accruing nearly three million views in under a week.One day after it was posted, Pilot Flying J addressed the rumor on their Facebook page and on Twitter, stating that the store in question lacked a U. flag because a damaged flagpole there was in the process of being repaired: We are proudly American.Reply QUOTE: “Last time I checked only those people who can legally receive any welfare with a good reason are allowed to collect Welfare…Well, it seems you don’t know a thing about welfare!

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Answer 1: The phone number for Pilot Flying J is (865) 588-7488. Answer 2: The CEO of Pilot Flying J is Jimmy Haslam. Answer 3: Pilot Flying J was founded by James Haslam, II in 1958.

Why are you trying to be politically correct then morally and ethically correct?

Did the foreigners have American dollars or did you ok them to spend their countries currency there?

In October 2017, the Berkshire-Hathway company purchased a 38.6% share of the company, with plans to increase their share to 80% by the end of 2023.

The Haslam family will continue to run the day to day operations.

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