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If a Jennifer Lawrence or Charlize Theron makes a few million dollars less than a Bradley Cooper or Tom Cruise, some might say, "Who cares?"The wage gap has persisted for decades for all working women in America, who get 78 cents for every dollar made by a man.These are called "deal points." We might be like, "No," "Yes," "Don’t bother coming to us if you have that amount of money."And the dollar amount that’s attached is based on what they have in their budget?It’s based on whatever they want to pay, essentially.While there are currently no available statistics on what the salary divide looks like for actors specifically, Adam Moore, national director of equal employment opportunities and diversity for the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), confirms the wage gap is present — and that it needs to be addressed."The most visible workplace on the planet is where our members go to work," says Moore."It’s not just about these A-list celebrities that didn’t feel they got as many millions of dollars as they want.

I think the crux of it is not that she was a poor negotiator, because first of all, she had plenty of people negotiating on her behalf, some of whom, if not all of them, are men.Are they going to not work for the rest of the year?If they don’t work for the rest of the year, they’re not in demand.A mid-level actor versus a high-level actress — it’s like, you’ll definitely be able to get more money for the actor. We had a client who passed on a project because she wasn’t being paid the same as her male co-star. But in the script, this character, she was just the wife and there wasn’t that much for her to do and the size of the male role was bigger.So everyone said, not only did he have higher quotes, but he worked more days, more hours, more weeks, and it’s more to do..

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