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Character: Intimidating Meaning: Clarity Inspiration. Relationships: Dreaming of someone or longing for someone. Don't take the emotional aspect out of consideration. As well: It is a good time to bring something to an end. Man who cares about the person for whom the cards are placed. Character: Stable Meaning: Lack of clarity Ambiguities. One longs for the card to which the ship is sailing. Someone from another country, who is far away at the sea.

In this case husband / boyfriend would be the Bear. If you are a woman: Listen more to your partner’s opinion. Character: Hectic Meaning: New beginning Personal card. Character: Innocent Meaning: Cunning Personal card. If there is a husband and a lover, then this card represents the lover. Relationships: Well developed male characteristics and traits. Character: Communicative Meaning: Yourself Questioner himself, or King of Hearts / husband / partner when the person seeking advice is a woman.

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