Starting mysql error the server quit without updating pid file

You cannot use an installation script generated from a previous version of JBoss EAP with the automated installer.

You should only use installation scripts generated by the same minor version of JBoss EAP, for example JBoss EAP 7.0.

The JAR installer can be run in a console, or as a graphical wizard.

An RPM installation of JBoss EAP installs everything that is required to run JBoss EAP as a service.This allows you to maintain the same minor version of JBoss EAP, while staying current with high severity and security patches.For example, updating from this repository will include patches and security updates for the minor JBoss EAP version, but For production environments, we recommend that you use the minor JBoss EAP repository.This method should be used if you wish to extract the instance manually.The ZIP installation installs a default installation of JBoss EAP, and all configuration must be done following installation.

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