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This year, we brought guys in to share their side of the dating story because we are equal opportunity around here.Listen is as Sam and Will share their hilarious, heartbreaking and borderline inappropriate experiences.(Warning: Borderline inappropriate experiences may not be suitable for children.) Share your dating stories by commenting or social mediaing us. We held a party on Twitter to bring together some savvy and insightful people to discuss dating on Valentine’s Day, and to give away some stuff!I promise you that it makes everything easier, in the end, it opens up to a higher level of intimacy that you might not have had.All in all, it is not life or death, and it is okay to cry, but most importantly it is okay to admit you are not okay.By having this conversation I was able to realize that these thoughts were wrong, that the worst things that my mind kept telling me just were not true.But this also gave him a chance to express to me that he had similar feelings and was just as terrified to open up about.

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So, letting someone else in was terrifying, my mind was telling me that he would leave before things really even began, that I was so broken that I did not deserve love.

And honestly, I believed that, it was hard not too when day in and day out this is what I kept hearing.

So, the first relationship I had started my freshman year of college and sadly ended by the beginning of my sophomore year, not for any particular reason we just were in different places and wanted different things.

When our relationship first began it was hard for me to open up about what I was dealing with mentally, at this point in my life the only people that I ever talked about it with were my therapist and my one teacher from high school.

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